Louisiana Man Files Lawsuit over Tramadol Side Effects

A Louisiana resident recently filed a lawsuit against the makers of pain medication Tramadol, claiming the drug caused him to endure a black-out period during which he allegedly hit his head and developed a blood clot in his brain.

The Louisiana Record reports that Russell Joseph Aucoin filed the lawsuit in federal court in New Orleans against manufacturer Amneal Pharmaceuticals.

In the lawsuit, Aucoin claims he had suffered falls in the past after using the medication and accuses the company of not sufficiently testing the medication or providing enough information about side effects.

"Defendant Amneal Pharmaceuticals knew or should have known that it manufactured or sold pharmaceuticals of such a nature that were likely to cause injury to persons taking them," the lawsuit claims.

In the medication lawsuit, Aucoin is reportedly seeking damages for physical injuries, mental suffering and court costs, the news source said.

Tramadol, which is used to treat moderate pain, can lead to side effects such as dizziness, weakness and sleepiness, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information.