Kugel Mesh Patch

Have you or a loved one suffered a painful injury due to a Kugel mesh patch?

The Kugel mesh patch is used as part of a surgical treatment for hernia. A hernia occurs when soft tissue protrudes through the wall of your lower abdomen because your muscles have separated. This condition is painful, especially when the sufferer attempts any sort of physical activity. If a hernia is left untreated, serious and life threatening complications can occur.

The Kugel patch is made out of a mesh material.  The Kugel Mesh Patch is used to repair certain types of hernias caused by scar tissue thinning or stretching after surgery. The patch is placed behind the damaged tissue through a small incision. A “memory recoil ring” then springs the folded patch into its unfolded shape, thus making it lay flat over the affected area of the hernia.

Problems With The Kugel Mesh Patch

The Kugel patch was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1996. The memory ring of the Kugel mesh patch has been known to break during hernia surgery. This breakage occurs when the patch is inside the stomach area. When the ring breaks, it can cause bowel perforations, which can be extremely painful. Additionally, the breakage can cause ongoing intestinal fistulae. Pieces from the broken ring can also travel to other parts of the stomach cavity, causing dangerous infections. Additionally surgery is sometimes needed to remove those pieces. More than 80 reports of injury due to the Kugel mesh patch have been reported to the Food and Drug Administration. There have been at least two fatalities reported. Davol, the company that manufactures the Kugel mesh patch, has since recalled this product. The FDA has also reported that there were problems with the way Davol handled reports of injury due to its product. The FDA has not ruled out the possibility of action against Davol if they do not take steps to fix their internal problems.

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